The Playko Team


Yin-Chien Yeap 

Yinch studied software engineering (MEng) at Imperial College London, after which he worked in multimedia and in the videogames industry, including as lead developer on a Nintendo64 project for Mindscape.

In 2001, Yinch set up Playko in London. The company sought to bring the power of videogames to non-gaming domains. Playko deployed tradeshow and showroom 3D interactives for Ford, Samsung and Mazda and evolved into a web app and digital solutions company.

More recently, Playko has moved into virtual reality, especially for non-gaming domains.The company has continued to produce apps and informational installations with the NHS as a new client.

Playko has also brought 3D graphics to the fitness space for American treadmill company, Woodway - with work on the world's first skiing and snowboarding consumer treadmill, Carver.


Luke Harris

Luke will be joining Playko in early 2019 to fill the role of Senior Accounts Manager.

Luke studied Computing Strategy and Management (BSc) at The University of Gloucestershire after which he continued his training and gained extensive experience working as an Infrastructure Engineer.

Over the last ten years Luke has worked within both the education sector (public and private) as well as within aviation training (civil and defence). 

In these roles his responsibilities included large-scale project planning, proof of concept testing, customer relations management and implementation of education platforms and their supporting infrastructure.