Our Clients


aSPIRATIONS tRUST vr (marketing)

Playko wrote an immersive, interactive simulation of the International Space Station at full scale, in Earth orbit. The Aspirations Academies Trust chose the software to demonstrate at education exhibitions and trade shows, showcasing their commitment to cutting-edge technologies in learning. Playko also acted as hardware consultant.


VR Aviation Trainer (Aviation & Aerospace)

An Oxford aviation training school wanted to streamline and enrich their trainees’ experience of cockpit familiarisation prior to embarking on motion platform simulator training. Playko created an immersive, interactive virtual flight deck for the Airbus A320 with unparallelled spatial fidelity, ideal for candidates working towards their type rating for the aircraft.



Banbury Aspirations Campus learning software (education)

Virtual reality learning experiences developed by Playko have given Oxfordshire school students the chance to see life in a London house during the Blitz, to explore Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in unprecedented detail, to get hands-on with the planets in the solar system and to board an interactive simulation of the International Space Station. Hundreds of primary and secondary pupils and teachers of languages, history, science, English and drama have been part of the projects.


vr BRAIN QUiz (education) 

Playko ran the first-ever Virtual Reality event at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History in support of the award-winning Brain Diaries exhibition. On Super Science Saturday, Playko’s bespoke immersive quiz tested visitors’ knowledge and dexterity and entertained hundreds of people.


woodway (heaLTH & FITNESS)

Wisconsin-based Woodway are the leading makers of premium treadmills. Playko reimagined the fitness experience for the company’s Carver and Curve machines, with software that brings new levels of interactivity, competitiveness and fun to gym-based running and skiing - making them uniquely motivational. Carver users at the five-star Ned Hotel in the City of London have raved about the machine.


nhs (healthcare)

Commissioned by NHS cancer specialist to help patients record and manage side effects, Playko created the Prominet monitoring app. The tablet-based app aims to improve survivability and wellbeing by enhancing access to timely advice, compliance, and the sense of control. A study with dozens of users is now underway.